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What to Do With Morning Anxiety?

Waking up feeling severe anxiety, dread and fear is not a great way to start the day. Waking up with anxiety is actually an occurrence that is very common among persons who suffer from anxiety disorder and the related conditions of such. As soon as you’re awake the feelings of worry, panic, and horror flood your body and you crumble into nerves.

But what accounts for such an occurrence. The notion that your anxiety shows up when you awaken is somewhat of a mirage. The truth is that you were rather anxious before falling asleep and your consciousness found this out when you awoke. If you try and remember what you dreamt about, you will realize that they were fear filled and that you were experiencing physical symptoms like muscle tension and sweating.img-man-unhappy-bed1

How to Awake Without that Anxious Feeling

Sleeping Patterns – Inadequate sleep has a lot to do with the onset and the continuation of various types of anxiety. If you often experience insomnia or you have poor patterns of sleeping, then you should find a solution now and adapt a time frame that is more suitable.

If you have to get up very early to go to work, it is not wise to go to sleep when it is very late as this will make getting up early n the morning very difficult and worsen your anxiety symptoms. Headaches, problems with short-term memory, tension, poor concentration, and low energy are all symptoms of anxiety.

You probably have an idea already of the amount of sleep you personally require for your body to function well on a daily basis. Try to stick to that needed amount and be committed to having an early bedtime. If you are an insomniac you will have to make an appointment with your doctor and ask for effective but safe medications to help you sleep.

Find New Ways of Waking Up

As a teenager I had to get up at 7 every morning in order to get to school on time. The sound that greeted e when I woke each morning was that horrific sounding mechanical cockerel call which was used by my clock as an alarm. The computerized voice of a woman was stating the time was also mixed into this. I did not really like school and the mornings were already bad enough without wake up calls that induced my anxiety.landscape-1488279400-woman-anxious-in-bed

I knew I should have tossed that old alarm clock and buy one which had a more peaceful alarm and which didn’t add more anxiety to a mind that was already anxious. If your alarm clock sends shockwaves through your body, you should get a new wake-up-call. There are limitless possibilities these days and a few good ones include radio stations, calming music, and even devices which turn on your TV.

You should also ensure that you have enough to get ready when you get up in the mornings before going to work. If you are anxiety prone, an additional 30 minutes to relax before starting your day is really helpful. Prepare what you will need throughout the course of the day in the night before going to bed.

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