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Back Pain Symptoms for Upper Back

Back pain is a condition that affects more than 90% of men and women in the country. There are many back pain symptoms which can be used to identify the source of the problem. It is a very common health concern that is caused by various kinds of factors. Back pain is actually not a disease in itself, but it can be a symptom of a more serious kind of medical condition. However, the underlying medical conditions causing the pain may not always be identified by doctors at all times. The factors that bring about of 85% of back pain cases are still not known to medical professionals.

This condition can be divided into upper, mid and lower back pains. These different types can also produce various kinds of signs and symptoms. Here they are below:

Upper Back Pain

A common sign of upper back pain is a radiating pain found at the upper portion of the spine. The discomfort can also be felt along the upper extremities – from the shoulders to the arms. Movement of these body parts can also lead to more pain and discomfort. Upper back pains that are brought about by any kind of inflammation and can also be accompanied by fever, while those that are caused by Fibromyalgia can be accompanied by fatigue and insomnia.

Mid Back Pain

There are many factors that bring about mid-back pain and this can produce different kinds of symptoms as well. If the pain is brought about by arthritis, then patients should also feel pain in joints found in other parts of the body. Mid back pain can also be caused by a pinched nerve. For this case, bladder control problems are expected to occur as well. One of the most common causes of back pain however, is a condition called Fibromyalgia which is characterized by pain in the muscles and the soft tissues surrounding the area. Aside from back pains, Fibromyalgia can also be accompanied by fatigue and anxiety. In some serious cases, mid-back pains can also produce pain in the chest, abdomen and shortness of breath.

Lower Back Pain

One of the primary lower back pain symptom is pain at the lumbosacral area or the lower part of the spine. The pain may be confined to your lower back portion alone or it can radiate down to your pelvis and even around your upper legs and thighs. Most of the time, the severity of the pain can increase with activity, during night time or when the patient is sitting down for long periods of time.randythaimassageseriespt3-3

Another common symptom of back pain is the feeling of numbness in the lower extremities. This is brought about by the compression of a nerve at a certain area of your spine. Because of this, patients may find it very difficult to flex the foot downward or to stand on their toes. This is caused by the compression of sacral nerves in the lower portion of the vertebral column.

Remember, knowing what back pain symptoms you have can aid in proper treatment and therapy. Fortunately, there are now plenty of treatment options that you can opt to have. So never take these symptoms for granted and seek professional help immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.

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